The Paradise Valley Specific Plan (PVSP) is a programmatic plan consisting of a balanced, compact and complete new town within an 1,848 acre footprint.

Six villages

Paradise Valley will be divided into six villages, each with its own identity differentiated by a distinct function, lifestyle, physical setting, mix of uses, signage, and home types.

Development footprint

The Town Center

249 acres • 1,180 units


The Resort Area

222 acres • 1,509 units


The Age-qualified Community

340 acres • 1,851 units


The Hillside Area

194 acres • 943 units


The Family Village

472 acres • 1,986 units


The Family and Pre-retiree Village

243 acres • 1,021 units

  • Residential Units: 8,490 dwelling units
  • Mixed Use (non-residential): 1,182,000 sq. ft
  • Commercial Retail: 198,950 sq. ft
  • Open Space/Recreation: 109.9 acres
  • Public Facilities: 44.8 acres
Total Project Area 1,848 acres

Paradise Valley balances the need to develop residential, mixed use, and commercial properties with the desire to have open space and public facilities for residents to enjoy. The total project area is 1,848 acres which will be thoughtfully developed. Under the CVMSHCP, development of the entire 1,848 acre Specific Plan area will require that the Developer dedicate conservation easements over approximately 21,000 acres of conservation land.

Project boundary and development footprint

Project footprint within the overall land area.

Architectural styles

A set of complementary architectural styles has been identified to help set the tone for the entire community: Spanish Heritage, Desert Contemporary, Prairie, Monterey and Italianate. Together, these architectural styles will provide architectural diversity and beauty.

Existing utility infrastructure

There are already existing utilities within the Paradise Valley Specific Plan area, including electrical transmission lines, a local distribution line, natural gas pipelines and pump facilities, fiber optic communication lines, and a water well.

Southern California Edison and AT&T lines
Sempra Energy natural gas pump station
10 Freeway paved underpass
Sprint regeneration station

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