Paradise Valley will have a transformative effect on the Eastern Coachella Valley economy. The project will be fiscally self-sustaining and provide new County tax revenue that can fund additional municipal services not related to the Paradise Valley project. By injecting substantial new investment into the region, Paradise Valley will meet its residents’ needs without drawing resources from the County or surrounding communities.

19,000+ construction-related jobs

During Paradise Valley’s estimated 15-year buildout period, the project will generate over 19,000 construction-related, well-paying jobs. 1

Solar panel installation

4,700 new permanent jobs

Paradise Valley will create 4,700 permanent, quality jobs. On-site employment opportunities will be available for up to 84% of the project’s residents who desire to work there.

$5.7 million a year in new County tax revenue

The project is fiscally self-sustaining and is expected to yield a new net annual surplus at buildout of approximately $5.7 million dollars for Riverside County. This new County revenue will help fund needed government services throughout the region not related to the Paradise Valley project.

Helping the County meet its RHNA goals

The project’s 8,490 new homes will contribute towards meeting the County’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation, as mandated by State Housing Law.

A minimum of 5% of the project’s total dwelling units will be affordable to lower and moderate income households. The project’s market-rate housing will also help the County advance housing goals. Over 15% of the homes will be built at densities of HHDR (Highest Density Residential) of 20 units per acre or higher, providing market-rate housing that is attainable to many working families.

Not only would Paradise Valley affirm the County’s commitment to new attainable housing, it would also reduce the development burden on nearby cities.

Building a range of housing

Paradise Valley will also add to and diversify the supply of housing in the Coachella Valley area which can help provide needed housing in the region. A variety of housing will be offered to the residents of Paradise Valley ranging from single-family to multi-family homes.

Range of housing